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Trendy tips for your Stylish sites - When using Flash for your website
2010.02.05  Hit:7934

Web designers and developers design sites mainly for site users, they don’t really realize how the site will be appealing to search engine which is fair enough. Various techniques and graphic methods are applied in entire site in order to grab visitor’s eyes in a second. It is fact that a decision whether they would stay or leave will be made instantly. As applying good visual effect is important in terms of web site design, using interactive programs such as Flash is a new fashionable approach in online trend today.

But we need to consider something here! While using flash impresses your site users, search engines don’t recognize it well therefore it is not indexing your site at all. I am not saying that you should never use flash and not follow trend or style just because search engines will ignore your site, but if you know how to use them in better way it will be only beneficial. Search engine will support your site to stay in good ranking - so it will be more visible to your users just before they are about to impress with your site design.

1. Use flash when it is really necessary – Try not to use flash for entire site. It is a great tool for interactive aspect. If you would like to use the function, use it right when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Use Alt tag – If you make good habit on using alt tag it is not only helpful for search engines to notify what images or flash part is (the description of them) but also to your site users especially they are a screen readers (disable friendly sites).

3. SIFR ( Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) - This is a technology that displays text from flash elements. Even if the part is designed with flash, text will be still readable to search engines.