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Doorway to your site, about quality links
2009.11.25  Hit:8050

Your potential customers and clients are taking link as a pathway to your site. This is why links are very important in terms of SEO solution. Quality links specifies quality website for the search engine. Quality links are treated very importantly from Search engines.

To identify quality links following check list might help you:

1. Relationship with the site – how relevant is it to the subject of the site.

2. Link page communicating to your target audience

3. Link function – does it work?

4. Is the link up-to-date?

5. Is the link present and not critical or contains strong materials?

What Search engines will consider the most is how links are related to each other well as an inbound and outbound links - receiving quality links from outside of your website (Link from other websites) is just as important as good link structures of your website.