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SEO is journey for your site - let it take quality time
2010.02.05  Hit:8513
I would like to write about patience in SEO today. How its successful result as high ranking technique becomes actually possible when there are so much effort and time has been devoted. You may want the result right now, but admit that SEO is the journey than a destination.
You will definitely want your relatively young (or even new) website to be in the first ranked within shortest possible time. We would implement every SEO strategy factors that will allow our website to be recognized and stand out to crawlers. It is perfectly fair to practice SEO strategy to our website architecture, site structure, contents and URLs etc. Because we would like our site to communicate well to search engine crawlers - Search engine’s principal intention is to find a quality website for online users, and we are making achievement to become one of the quality one that are respectful and reliable.
Most of search engines especially Google practice the most is to avoid spam, and a common feature of spam websites are new domains or very young websites that have been only lived for a short period of time. This means Google will prefer websites that have been lived long time rather than website recently generated.
It’s probably old sites that have been managed to persist are more likely reliable.
For example, if you are to drive a car, you won’t drive your car into a very complicated city area if you were just started learning driving or only because you bought a car without a license. You will need to know how to drive and it takes time to become a reliable and respectful driver that everyone will let themselves to ride in.
By implementing SEO strategy and plan, to your website will allow your site to be a quality one that actually deserves to be high ranked in search engines, but let’s remind ourselves that it does take some time to be qualified and credited. We are not talking about few years time, we are only talking about few month (normally 3-6 months), so let’s not jump ourselves to ‘immediate’ point, as it is journey than the destination.
Be patient and keep going, you will get there without you realize.  
Our patience will achieve more than our force.
-   Edmund Burke
Infinite patience brings immediate results.
-  Wayne W. Dyer