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InterAd Communications, Inc. is a company specializing in internet marketing. We assist our clients by
providing an outstanding-quality service in three key areas: search engine optimization (SEO), strategy
consulting, and online marketing campaigns. We draw on a wealth of experience in each of these areas,
to help strengthen our clients’ competitiveness.

Since launching in 2001, we have helped a huge number of clients to develop their online presence, and
grow successful. Thanks to our innovative solutions, our clients are able to stand out from the competition,
and attract a whole host of new customers. We understand just how important every tiny detail of your
online marketing is, and we therefore provide an excellent return on your investment.

In today’s digital world, search engine optimization (or SEO) is hugely important. Without it, your business will never be able to capture the interest of prospective customers- and instead, those customers will all end up going to your competitors. With our SEO service, though, we’ll ensure that you’re always at the top of search results, using tried and tested insights and strategies. We have aided global brands in enhancing their online presence and standing, and will be happy to help you, too.

Our team of global professionals can also assist with creating a surefire strategy for success. They will cover every aspect of the process, from in-depth market analysis to actually putting the strategy into practice. Using techniques such as keyword marketing alongside blogs and viral campaigns, we will successfully build a buzz around your business, and maximize the effects of your marketing campaign.

In addition, InterAd Communications, Inc. is a licensed vendor for Microsoft, and has further relationships with some of the top solution partners in our field. When you team up with us, you are accessing a wealth of experience and technology. This will all be used to power your marketing campaign, and raise your profile in your industry.

After several years of success, we enlarged our global marketing business by launching a new office in Japan in 2009. We are now looking to further develop our company, and are therefore keen to partner up with new clients to provide our stellar online marketing services. Whatever type of online marketing campaign you are looking for, we’re here to help, and will deliver the very best results every time. We look forward to teaming up with you to take your company to even greater heights!

CEO JW Chang