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The search engine that occupies the maximum share in China is Baidu.
Especially, when looking at the regional of China, 55% of Internet users are in the Beijing
where is the capital of China, 43% of Internet users in Shanghai, where is the biggest international city
are using Baidu when they use search engine.
In fact, like this Baidu’s market expansion and share rise are increasing every year.
Excluding Baidu, Google China and Yahoo! China, are also global search engines that are occupying high
share following the Baidu.
In the last five years, there is a data that Chinese Internet users are increasing rapidly and has
the highest increase rate in the Asian countries. At present, the Chinese Internet user’s growth rate has increased considerably with a 446% increase or more compared with 2000 though the Chinese Internet user is only 9.4% of a whole population
by 123 million people. This means the importance of Internet marketing toward China has improved with the Chinese Internet market expansion.