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Optimized websites are not always well structured pages.
Potential consumers make purchases by getting information from the Internet searches, if they are
concerned about specific product and brands.
If a customer’s website does not have PPC advertising, it is likely they will lose all potential consumers.
When the majority of search engine users are searching, they usually pay attention only the first page of
search result, especially the search result which is displayed on the upper part.
Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex used in Europe, provide the result to the keywords
that potential customers enter to several thousand visitors for free. In the PPC advertising, it investigates the related industry, analyzes the competitors, and manages the account of the PPC search engine sites such as Google, MSN Yahoo! and others. Google, which is in the head position by the search engine marketing of Europe, occupies 79.2% of shares, in Russian search engines, Yandex occupies 2.2%, Yahoo! occupies 2.0%, Microsoft Sites 1.9% and AOL and LLC are 0.9%, it is essential to do effective PPC advertising on these search engines.