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Global Search Marketing Services

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InterAd search engine marketing is not only providing clients
with strategies but responsibly taking care of customers until the result is achieved.

To a customer considering global business,
we consider it important to provide the latest marketing methods.

In the fields of strategy, site management, analysis, ROI, CRM, campaign management,
we help and assist with value creation and structural reform through search engines by expanding the access route to not only that of Korea and, Japan but to global customers.

InterAd focuses on Search Engine Marketing for success in global business. map

Share of The World's Major Search engines

U.S South America Austarilia 63% 97% 56.3% 16% 1% 21.5% 11% 1% 8.4% 4% 5.3% 2% 2%
Nielson Online, 2009/04, 2009/01 Internet World Business, 2007/01
Japan China Russia 51% 61% 47% 38% 27% 31% 2% 2% 10% 2% 3% 7% 2%
Comscore, 2009/01 Internet World Business, 2009/09 2007/08

From a global point of view, Google and Yahoo! dominate most of the search engine market share.
As the number of the Internet users is increasing in the world, the search engine market is getting broader. Therefore, it is a powerful success factor for increasing ROI in marketing strategy to entice customers with an Internet strategy targeting Google and Yahoo.

InterAd Global SEO

  • InterAd provides Search Engine Marketing consulting which is customized for all countries of the world. It is planning not only to improve search ranking by simply making foreign language sites but to enlarge the market by providing consulting with a strong strategy, tools and a platform.
    InterAd SEO establishes a brand by building business structure which expands their customer’s businesses when theye are planning market expansion.

  • InterAd’s Global SEO starts with a ‘localizing strategy’. Various methods of the performance index can be related to the Web Site Promotion. After analyzing and understanding the characteristics of a search engine utilizing keyword research by languages regarding a certain country or region, it implements the GEO targeting corresponding to the region.

  • For small businesses aiming at entering the overseas or domestic business or aiming at export, Global Marketing through SEO/SMO is necessary to systematize a strategy which corresponds with the target user’s needs through more professional and detailed market research. For increasing customer satisfaction, InterAd not only analyzes the user trends in the world and establishes multilingual websites but pushes ahead with usability which corresponds with customers from each country by suggesting the navigation system related to the purchasing behavior of foreign customers.

Global SEO Measures

  • Based on local trend research of global search engine optimization, an expert in global SEO who is experienced in many languages and in local search engines, implements the localizing SEO which enables the traffic influx. The expert systemizes the marketing strategy for ranking up through landing page optimization for increasing ROI and provides internal factors, external factors and independent SEO solutions.
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