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PPC advertisement is a text or banner form advertisement (sponsor link)
which is exposed on the top of the search result.
Depending on KNOW-HOW and campaign strategy of the expert in advertising,
it is possible to increase the effect of advertisement compared to advertising expenses.
PPC, or Keyword advertisement, is an advertisement exposed on the very top of the screen
when searching a related keyword and has an advantage of attracting high traffic.
Improving the quality of contents through the effective campaign operation helps to improve conversion.

The advantage of PPC Advertisement

SEM expected effect

SEM Advantage

  1. High Advertising Exposure : Among the Internet media, information search through search engine accounts for more than 85%.
  2. Excellent purchase conversion rate : The purpose of visitors through keyword search matches the character of the site
  3. Possibility of Long period, low-cost, high-efficiency, advertising execution to countless potential customers of online
  4. Preoccupancy in the competition by registering on the top.
  5. Image establishment as the most popular brand for each section through a long period of registration on the top
  6. Scientific Advertisement effect analysis : Possibility of periodic contents development and site update management by analyzing visitors.
  7. Magnification of marketing effect by analyzing sales effect using advertising product by media and keywords