PPC Advertising

What is InterAd’s differentiated SEM service?

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InterAd progresses an advertisement by selecting high frequency keywords
by the Internet users based on accumulated keyword data.
Also, through writing an effective advertising phrase,
it attracts many visitors and achieves a sales goal successfully.

InterAd Keyword Advertisement Service

Region PPC Target Share of Totals Requirements Services
Asia Korea Overture/ Google/
  • Homepage in its language
  • Essential condition
Providing its language
  • Accounting creation
  • Copywriting
  • Management
  • Conversion Track
  • Weekly Reporting
Japan Google/Yahoo/Bing 89%
China Baidu/Google/Yahoo 85%
Other Asia Google/YSM 90%
US North/South/America Google/Bing/Yahoo 92%
  • Homepage in its language
  • SEO
  • email marketing
  • Weekly Reporting
Europe UK/DE/RU Google/Yandex/Yahoo 94%
  • Homepage in its language
  • Industry and Competition Review
  • Weekly Monitoring
Oceania australia· newzealand Google/Yahoo/NineMSN 92%
  • Homepage in its language
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Consulting

SEM Process

More effective keyword advertising is possible after the understanding of your target keyword, customers and market is decided first.
In order to this, InterAd organizes a research team and it implements every prior research for the best keyword execution by analyzing not only market analysis but competitor’s keyword advertisement analysis.
It is a stage executing a real keyword advertisement and it completes all the preparation for the beginning of advertisement with sign-up for the account of keyword advertisement. It makes definite target marketing possible by implementing accurate keyword, creation of bidding price and making an advertising phrase and by analyzing your website specifically and optimizing an advertising keyword and arrival URL.
Experience differentiated service which is operated by domestic and foreign keyword advertisement experts of InterAd (Marketers authorized by Google and Naver advertising experts)
For maximizing your ROI, we check the advertising effect by weekly/monthly and send you the report.
It guarantees the best keyword advertisement thorough the effect analysis and improvement.

Monthly Action Plan