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What is SEO

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Is Search Engine Optimization necessary?

Optimization of Website is essential for Marketing to Search Engine.
Advertisement is not enough to entice potential customers.
Search Engine Optimization is essential for On-line marketing.

1. Role of Search Engines 2. Types of Search Engine 3. Function of Search Engines
How many people are
using the Internet?
Where do the Internet users
search information?
What kind of search words do they use?

Search Engine provides the accurate and reliable result for users.
Users prefer search engine which provides the result they are looking for.
Search Engine performs the function of collecting and classifying all the information of websites, which is called ‘Crawling’ and ‘Indexing’ and consists of the search result exposure. As the user’s reliability of search exposure result is high, it is important to be exposed to search. One of the advantages from SEO is to increase the number of visitors by search result exposure and save the advertising expenses. To increase the effect of keyword advertisement, sometimes SEO is progressed at the same time.
Good contents composition is required for increasing the effect of SEO.
The great Contents composition is the best search engine marketing tool.
SEO is for the customers who
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