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Global search engine

Global search engine is growing continuously according to the increasing tendency of Internet user.
The environment of a global search engine in 2010 is in various changes.
A large majority of search users encounter information on Google, Yahoo and Bing with the
development of social network services such as Facebook and Twitter, which 400 million people use.
InterAd has been providing a marketing service to strengthen the competitive edge of
the client and the expansion of ROI by using over ten years of experienced KNOW-HOW
of the campaign in global search engine marketing field.

Korean Search Engine

Korean search engine has been providing integrated search which synthesizes and show media and advertisement.
Integrated search exposes the result of various categories through processing the result of relating search which are web text, knowledge, café (community), blog, social media, news, animation and image.
Korean search engine has been informing advantages to everyone all over the world which achieves the result of ease of use and friendly of appearance. Moreover, the search engine of the world doing bench marking of Korean integrated seach.
The Korean search engine, Naver occupies a high search engine market share of approximately 60% or more, which is still increasing ahead NATE, Yahoo! Korea and Google.
In the flow of various changes, recently Nate is making efforts to improve services which are search technology of Symantec and SNS integrated service of Cyworld. Moreover, this new trend is noticed in Korean search market. The platforms of Web2.0 which are viral marketing and SMO are forming the marketing trend, and the Korean search engine faces a new turning point.

Japanese Search Engine

Japanese search engines such as Yahoo! JAPAN (YST) and Google occupy a high searching share of the entire 90.3% or more.
In the situation which Yahoo is absolutely superior, more than 76% of search engine users estimate that they are satisfied with search result.
It is necessary to keep the regulations of registration examination to make the search engine marketing in Japan succeed. Moreover, the higher the dependency on SERPs (searching result of SEO base) , the more it is necessary to select a specialized company which does Japanese search engine promotion for SEO strategy. A webmaster should separately make the checklist for a registration guidelines (site policy and security regulations) which recorded examination regulations for register in Japanese search engine.
InterAd attempts to keep an inspection basis in order to improve the website’s compatibility and trust. All of InterAd’s marketing service is executed according to the Google’s SEO webmaster center guideline by the search engine expert staff who took the program by advertisement expert staff and SEO process by search engine work shop.