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    InterAd has worked extensively with Phillips in the areas of SEM and SEO to achieve greater conversion rates for short-term campaigns, ensuring that these integrate with the company's broader long-term marketing strategy. In particular, InterAd worked with Phillips on their Sonicare campaign. Taking a multi-pronged approach designed to increase visibility in Naver, InterAd grew brand awareness throughcommunity forums, non-pro bloggers, and reviewed and enhanced use of generic keywords to grow share of voice. The campaign was highly successful, with the advertised product selling out in just one week, conversion increasing to 2.6%, and all using just 10% of the budget an alternate advertising agency suggested should be spent on TV commercials.
    InterAd has also worked with technology giant Microsoft to help them advertise their CRM software to the South Korean market through Naver. InterAd were able to offer a range of solutions including expanding on-site content such as Q&As and blogs, remedying duplicate content issues, and proposing a recommendation of address system . InterAd are now a Microsoft Certified Vendor.
    AIA Life
    InterAd were asked to carry out brand SEO for insurance company Aia Life, and to help the business refresh their user experience. Aia particularly wanted to increase sales of particular policies by increasing their click through and conversion rate from PPC. InterAd extensively optimised Aia's content and website for Naver SEO, achieving a 240% increase in organic traffic from Naver, and an increase of 150% in overall visitors to the site.
    British Council Korea Blog
    InterAd has worked with the British Council Korea to obtain greater awareness of their English educational offering, which was not achieving adequate exposure due to very low website traffic and poor organic search visibility. InterAd carried out in-depth analysis of the website's analytics to understand user behaviour and from there instigated a strategy that involved refreshing blog layout to better suit targeted search engines, and increasing written content using creative approaches to keyword targeting to draw users to the site. The British Council's website now receives over 4,500 visitors per day with a marked increase in the number of brand queries.
    British CouncilKorea
    InterAd have also worked with the British Council Korea for more than four years helping them to develop and refine their approach to brand SEO. Similarly to their work with Aia, InterAd have achieved impressive results, including a 400% increase in organic traffic through ensuring top ten rankings for targeted keywords, as well as driving cost per click down by 75%.
    Between 2013-2015, Emirates approached InterAd to assist in building online visibility for their seasonal campaigns in order to drive web ticket sales. InterAd carried out a number of activities in support of this goal, including PPC through Naver and Google, social events and SEO-friendly soclalsInterAd succeeded in increasing organic traffic to campaign pages by 210% and achieving a 400% increase in sales of
    Amore Pacific Osulloc and Primera
    Amore employed InterAd to turn both their green tea and cosmetics brand websites "Osulloc" and "Primera" into more SEO-friendly platforms, with the aim of driving more organic traffic and growing visibility in Naver and Google. InterAd carried out a full technical audit of both sites to gain an understanding of the user experience, informing a series of changes to increase usability. InterAd also carried out more technical work to resolve crawl errors and to complement the SEO strategy. The results were an increase in brand searches, unique visitors and exposure in search results for target keywords in the case of Osulloc, and a 430% increase in organic traffic for Primera.
    Saramin was Korea's most popular careers platform in 2017, and previously employed InterAd to help increase their exposure in Google. Saramin were already performing well in Naver (ranking 5th for their target keywords) and wanted to enhance their brand visibility further within the South Korean market. InterAd carried out their full "SEO 101" audit and made a series of on-page optimization recommendations, identifying an issue with duplicate content as a particular roadblock. Following InterAd's advice by creating more SEO-friendly content, Saramin now have a higher share of search results for their own brand name vs. their competitors, as well as a 211% increase in organic traffic.
    Hurom wanted to bring their advanced blending technology into the global market ? particularly North America and Asia ? and employed InterAd to help achieve this aim. InterAd provided consultancy and advice on homepage development, keyword targeting, optimization for mobile, and hosting support, which resulted in unique monthly visitors growing from 920 to 4,000 with a 60% increase in organic traffic.
    All Korea Inc.
    All Korean Inc. is a department store selling Korean goods overseas, and the company were particularly interested in growing their Japanese market following the successful cultural export of K-POP and Korean broadcasting. Using their knowledge of the overseas markets for Korean products, InterAd suggested leveraging the popularity of Korean cosmetics and skincare brands by opening a dedicated shop in Japanese. InterAd have also provided the company with ongoing SEO consulting, helping grow Style Korea's organic traffic by 46% a month through top-rankings for target keywords. The company now achieve an annual turnover of $16M .
    Prior to working with InterAd, StyleKorean suffered from poor brand reputation and visibility owing to the relatively young age of the company and the fact that its owners had previously worked in a completely different market. Their website was suffering from low visitor numbers, low customer satisfaction and the associated bad online reviews. InterAd increased StyleKorean's sales by 290%, via an 800% increase in SEO traffic. This fantastic result was achieved over the course of two years' work through a full rebranding, extensive Google Advertising support to reach the desired audience overseas, and a much improved and optimised shopping platform.

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