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    InterAd, Inc. is a company specializing in digital marketing based on optimization solutions. We strive to provide optimization services to help support companies through the process of creation and operation of their websites, and to maximize the effects of online marketing with precise guidelines.

    Many digital marketing strategies are similar in that they utilize techniques such as search engine marketing, keyword advertising, and blogs, but creates very contrasting outcomes.The most important factor that determines the outcome of the digital marketing is not what strategies were used, but rather how they were utilized.At InterAd, we use optimization as the guideline to propose suitable solutions for digital marketing.

    We believe that there are reasons for all actions. We improve online business by minimizing environment variable errors and continuously modifying them.

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    • Improve Online Sales
    • Enhance Brand Awareness
    • Increase website traffic
    • Improve customer relations
    • Deliver customer requests
    • Improve brand credibility
    • Enhance website operating environment
    • Enhance website contents
    • Increase online competence

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