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    Our experts help your website to get a higher exposure in the most popular korean
    Search Engines: NAVER and Daum, Google.

    Korean SEO Scenery

    Unlike other countries, the organic search in South Korea is largely dominated by NAVER. Korean internet user patterns are quite unique and global companies usually face difficulties when trying to enter in the korean market.

    Doing SEO in Korea might seem like a challenge: PPC tends to dominate the SERP and the optimization on NAVER Portal requires a different approach to traditional search engines. However, the market offers a huge potential for business growth.

    The key to success is finding an experienced Korean SEO Agency that can provide local expertise and native language contents.

    With 20 years’ experience in Korean and NAVER SEO InterAd is ideally placed to meet his challenge.

    Our Korean SEO Services

      The Basics

    • Site Audit (Mobile Friendly)
    • NAVER Search Advisor Account and Analytics Set-up
    • NAVER Blog Set-up
    • Korean Keyword Research
    • Content Strategy
    • Title and Description Optimization
    • Analysis and Reporting

      Advanced SEO

    • Solving Structural problems
      • Page Speed Optimization
      • Mobile First Indexing
      • Syndication APIs
      • Server Problems
      • Duplicate Content Issues
    • Internal linking strategy
    • CMS Engineering

      Enterprise SEO

    • Insights NAVER Data Labs
    • Semantic Analysis
    • Benchmark against competitors
    • Portal Optimization
    • Influencer Search

    Happy Clients

    InterAd has provided successful SEO services to clients from more than 21 countries:

    • Philips Korea
    • Microsoft
    • Samsung sds
    • Yahoo! Inhouse SEO
    • British Council
    • Emirates
    • Kotra B2B Marketplace
    • IBM

    Why Partner with Us

    We are located in Gangnam, the heart of Seoul, and our experts have specialized in Korean SEO for almost 20 years:

    We understand the complex environment of the Search Korean Portals and how to grab the attention of local users. We are aware of the trends and algorithm changes. Plus, we always keep an eye in the paid advertising channels (PPC), to ensure your website gets the highest visibility in the SERPs.

    Our Korean native team are specialist in doing SEO for NAVER. We make exhaustive Keywords Research and create content that Korean users want to read. We are NAVER Blog masters and NAVER Cafe active users.

    We have done Korean SEO for a wide range of industries: Tourism, Food sector, Technology, Artificial Inteliigence Solutions, Education, B2B, Beauty and e-commerce, among them. Moreover, we have driven global companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, IBM and Samsung to success.

    Complementary Services

    Since the NAVER Search Engine is still vastly dominated for PPC results, we recommend to our client to combine the SEO efforts with a short-term SEM campaign. Check out our advertising services to drive more targeted traffic to your website and gain awareness:

    Are you interested in getting more visibility in the most popular Korean Search Engines?

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