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    Korean SEO

    Naver is Korea’s leading search portal

    Unlike in other countries, Naver Search Engine dominates the Korean search market.

    Naver search results pages (SERPs) consist of various sections such as Pay Per Click (PPC), blogs, answers, cafe, news, and shopping, setting it apart from Google.

    Furthermore, PPC tends to dominate those SERPs and therefore marketing on Naver search requires a vastly different approach to traditional search engines.

    The Korean market is largely untapped and provides a huge potential for business growth, but because of the differences in consumer behavior, building marketing activities in the region can be challenging. The key to success, therefore, is finding an agency experienced in foreign search engine marketing.

    With 18 years’ experience in Korea's NAVER, China Baidu and Japan, InterAd is ideally placed to meet this challenge.

    InterAd NAVER SEO Methodologies

      The basics of NAVER SEO

    • Before Data Analysis
    • Title & Description
    • SEO Copywriting Strategy
    • URL Structure / Directories
    • Alt to Images
    • Broken Link Check
    • Keywords SERP's Status
    • NAVER Webmaster Tools

      Advanced(Structural) SEO

    • HTML Code
    • JAVA script Code
    • Server Continuum
    • URL Redirect 301
    • CMS Engineering
    • Internal Linking Strategies
    • Duplicate Content Issues
    • Emphasize
    • Keyword Dense

      Enterprise SEO

    • Cross Linking Strategies
    • Semantic Analysis
    • Rank monitor
    • Code Optimization
    • Traffic Analysis

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