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    Work Performances and cases

    InterAd, Inc. is a company specializing in global search engine marketing consulting, and we have performed a variety of SEO and SEM projects. We present you with some of work performances and cases of our clients.

    SEM/SEO Case 1
    1 Quality enhancement for search ads campaign and the introduction of SEO
    • Industry : Company Website
    • Website Scale : Large
    • Objectives : Introducing SEO and enhancing advertising quality. In 3 months, CPC average cost was less than $.50, CTR was increased around approximately 1.4%, monthly advertising fee was reduced by $400, and click flows were increased by more than 3,000.
    SEM/SEO Case 2
    2 Global E-Commerce Search advertising and SEO case
    • Industry : Multi-language E-Commerce K-Beauty Skincare
    • Target Countries : English spoken countries in Asia, Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia
    • Website Scale : Medium
    • Objectives : The business was opened in an E-Commerce platform and had a low flow from organic search even with advertising and optimization. Therefore, we changed the platform and the hosting format for the SEO environment and started advertising and SEO. At the end of the 2nd stage SEO, the number of organic incoming flow was 8 times larger.
    • Results : Web search traffic was increased by 7.8 fold

    SEM/SEO Case 3
    3 Introduction of Search advertising and SEO
    • Industry : Export and manufacturing
    • Target Countries : English spoken countries (UK-US)
    • Website Scale : : Large Corporate
    • Objectives : Advertising and optimization were conducted in order to attract new buyers from the targeted countries. Hosting environment was changed to CDN and optimized the website for the mobile viewing. After advertising and the 3rd stage SEO, wall inquiry was increased by 100, and keyword traffic was increased by 300%.
    SEM/SEO Case 4
    4 Search advertising and SEO
    • Industry : E-Commerce
    • Target Country : Japan
    • Website Scale : Medium
    • Objectives : Traffic inflow was decreased as Yahoo Japan changed their algorithm in 2005. Introduced SEO to restore traffic inflow and product keyword visibility.
    • Results : Search engine traffic was increased by 82% with organic SEO by itself. Increased the number of advertising for Yahoo and Google. With search advertising campaign with more than 4000 keywords, (17 advertising groups and 20 campaign channels) we were able to acquire a significant amount of traffic. The company has been our client for 6 years, and they attract more than 40,000 visitors per month with just their brand name search and they attract more than 110,000 visitors to their website without any increase in the advertisement cost.
    SEM/SEO Case 5
    5 Search advertising and SEO
    • Industry : Business Website
    • Website Scale : Large
    • Objectives : To increase traffic inflow and acquire product keyword visibility through portal optimization SEO.
    • Results : They acquired more than 20,000 traffic from keyword searches and more than 200,000 traffic per month by operating blogs and Facebook social account and web search SEO. Their products were sold out in one week with the event campaign setting, and it resulted in enhanced re-purchase rate.