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    SEO 2.0

    Strategies for Local SEO Differentiation

    Today's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is evolving.
    InterAd's SEO 2.0 provides a differentiated way for users to engage with content. Starting with a review of site structure and supplementing this with our deep knowledge of search algorithms, we can grow a customer's brand traffic and conversion beyond what could be achieved by exposure through organic search rank alone.

    InterAd is Yahoo’s official SEO provider and for 18 years, we have conducted SEO for household names such as Microsoft, Philips, Amore Pacific, AIA Life and Emirates. InterAd SEO doesn’t just focus on search engines, but provides an integrated approach that increases visibility on sites such as YouTube, LinkdIn, Amazon, and Rakuten for continual growth.

    To promote business growth requires specific market expertise; this ensures content is both of a high quality and relevant to the sector. InterAd has experience gained through partnerships in industries as diverse as distribution, travel, exports, food, skin care, medical, traditional manufacturing, hospitality, technology, finance, and real estate. Combined with our SEO knowledge, this makes our methods far more rigorous – and effective – than our competitors’.

    Vertical SEO

    InterAd integrates vertical SEO in accordance with global standard guidelines.
    It is not limited to simple channels, but also improves brand, video, image, and library search results.

    Youtube SEO

    Video marketing using YouTube is the best tool for brand awareness and traffic, and InterAd are in the process of developing our promotional video offering for YouTube.
    Our YouTube SEO strategy creates a differentiated brand story that is used to leverage views through social media, and we continually monitor, improve and review video uploads over time to enhance visibility further

    Innovation for SEO

    We strive to enhance user experience and brand story that contributes to the growth of the business.

    Futuristic Digital Content Planning

    We provide high-quality content localization strategy for global businesses.

    Website Speed Optimization for Global Access

    Speed is a very important factor that influences how contents are experienced by users from all around the world.
    We provide InterAd’s enhanced SEO solutions.

    High-Quality SEO Analysis Tool

    With InterAd’s aggregated technology, we provide the most economic and sustainable analytical solutions.

    SEO Analysis and design

    SEO Diagnosis

    Server Continuum
    With our Server experts, we provide structured optimization through crawling environment development, subdomain assignment, redirection, and more.

    On Page (Onsite) SEO :

    Content Page Optimization
    We apply search-friendly titles and descriptions, meta tag settings and web2.0 elements and optimize the contents reflecting the suitability and relevance of the keywords.

    Off Page(Offsite) SEO :

    Multi-Link Program
    We establish high-quality links using various directories, social and news contents, and we provide stage by stage programs to design text and video links and restore spam links.

    SEO Process

    1. SEO Audits& Predictions

    • Construct suggestions for improvement according to the site analysis.
    • Establish measures for improvement in consideration of performance index and predictions.

    2. SEO Strategies

    • Run SEO simulations with search engine rating algorithms

    3. Implementation

    • Implement inner and outer optimizations based on the scientific analytical index for search result visibility
    • Run tests to determine and improve mobile friendliness

    4. Maintenance

    • Analyze data usage and traffic, and assign new keywords discovered from the analysis.
    • Report SEO effect analysis

    Curious to know more? Browse our Korean SEO services(NAVER and Google) and get in touch.

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