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    InterAd Digital Marketing Services

    InterAd provides the most effective digital experience through the combination of digital media marketing, SEO, search advertising, data management, social media marketing and localization optimized for the global business environment.
    InterAd Service provides the most efficient methods to optimize the web environment and keep them up to date by providing the latest search algorithm architecture and sites that function as a smoothfunctioning platform.
    InterAd Service is provided in the form of global On-site SEO, Digital production and Social Media marketing and global PR. As a next-generation web content management solution, InterAd service strives to increase the conversion between the multichannel digital marketing of the past and the future.

    Digital Marketing Services

    • Global search engine marketing
    • Google Yahoo
    • Search engine keyword visibility
    • Increase search traffic inflow
    • Content Optimization
    • Global search engine advertising
    • PPC Method (Pay per click)
    • Google, Yahoo, Naver, Baidu
    • Advertising optimization
    • Increase purchase (conversion)
      Social Marketing
    • Blog marketing operation
    • Social network operation
    • Blog, Facebook, News
    • Social network campaign
    • Create and publish online news articles

    Search Engine Marketing

    InterAd Search Engine Marketing

    International Search Engine Marketing

    EnglishWebsite advertising in English, Chinese and other multi-languages
    Export companies in the field related to B2B
    B2C advertising (Fields in Shopping / Traveling)
    Advertising websites for public institutions (Government-owned enterprise, Tourism, Trade)
    JapanWebsite advertising in Japanese
    Fields related to B2C (Beauty products, Traveling/Health Care/performance)
    Advertising websites for public institutions (Government-owned enterprise, Trade)

    Social Marketing

    InterAd Social Media Marketing

    Internet Marketing Strategy

    Search result visibility strives to increase traffic flow and purchase conversion

    Keyword ResearchSearch query
    Selected according to the user’s keyword search volume (potential traffic).
    Keywords are selected in consideration of the fitness between the contents and the keywords (conversion)
    Search Marketing
    SEO and SEA are strategies in place to attract traffic flow in case of search query occurrence.
    Search queries turn into traffic flow with the keyword search volume and CTR.
    Social Marketing
    Social marketing is used when users request detailed and objective information from social reviewing sites, and it is a factor that influences the search query rate and purchase intent.
    Conversion Tracking
    Conversion track aims to attract traffic inflow using marketing strategies Conversion of the attracted traffic isused as an indicator of marketing outcome and strategy planning.
    Content UpdateSearch query
    Requires traffic increase strategy and measures to increase conversion

    Marketing Process

    We strive to accomplish our goal through a step by step process with customized marketing strategies suited for our customers.

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