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Korean Search Engine Market Share in 2021

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It has been said that a business only becomes real once it exists on the Internet. While we wouldn’t necessarily go all-in on such obvious hyper...

Mobile Game Marketing in APAC

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The COVID-19 is having a vast impact on the mobile game industry and APAC gamers are on the rise.   During the pandemic, game app downloads...

YouTube Marketing in Korea

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Have you ever considered doing YouTube Marketing in South Korea? If you are doing business in the country but never considered it, you should! And her...

Your Business on Wikipedia

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Why you should have a Wikipedia page? Having your company included on Wikipedia can instantly help you to obtain a better online reputation, get hi...

SEO for the Healthcare Sector

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The Healthcare Sector is a very competitive one when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and now that the Covid-19 pandemic has raised the a...

Korean Digital Marketing

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As one of the most high-tech countries in the entire world, Korea is very much in its own little bubble when it comes to content marketing. Traditiona...

Naver Korea SEO Ranking

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NAVER( [nei·br] Hangul: 네이버/ ) is a Korean-language “Portal” search engine which displays search results in...

Introduction to Yahoo Japan

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Established in 1996, Yahoo! Japan, an offshoot of the popular English-language search engine, controls around a third of the search engine market shar...

Social Media Usage in South Korea

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South Korea has long been considered an “early-adopter” of technological advances with wide-spread access to high-speed internet, and high...

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