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In Interad, we work with you to promote your products and services and to meet all your content needs through our network of professional copy experts and translators. We offer Online Pr Services to most major Asian Markets: South Korea, Japan, China and APAC. With the creation of engaging content, we help your business to ensure consistent, stable and high-quality traffic.

Online PR Communications

Your Content is Your Business

Your business needs you 24 hours a day, and while you can’t be there the whole time, your content will be. Content quickly becomes boring if it is not refreshed regularly and will soon put-off potential customers. Fresh content keeps your business relevant and your customers interested. A recent survey from the Custom Content Council revealed that 62% of customers feel better about, and are more likely to buy from, a company that delivers regularly updated, unique content. This content not only attracts new customers, but also works to keep your existing customers loyal. We will write and regularly update articles and blog posts, helping you to talk directly with your customers. We write for entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations alike, with a track-record for driving high-quality traffic. We have had articles featured on the Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, the Guardian UK and more.

Ditigal PR Services

Ready to deliver your message to the masses, we work collaboratively to effectively promote our clients brand.

SEO Friendly Public Relations


SEO-rich content PR Keyword Research Relevant Content Creation Translation and Regional Marketing Online Monitoring

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Brand Consulting Copywriting Social Media/Blog Marketing Media and Influencers Outreach Performance Tracking

Press Release Copywriting


Press Releases Website Content Ghost Writing Translations (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and more)

We Have Been Featured In

These are some of the earned media our clients have been featured.

BBC News
The New York Times
CNN Digital
The Economist
Financial Times

Why Partner With Us

Industry Experts

Industry Expertise

We are specialists in copywriting and Public Relations, helping foreign businesses to raise their awareness and credibility in asian markets.

SEO-PR Focused

SEO PR Focused

We increase your SEO Visibility across the Digital Media Channels. We optimize your content and publish it in famous and/or niche media.

Tailored Content

Tailored Content

We create tailored content for entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations alike in order to raise your Brand Awareness and drive high-quality traffic to your website.

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