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What is SEO for Youtube?

If you are looking to rank higher your YouTube videos in order to get more views, you are probably interested in doing Youtube SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process which in YouTube involves optimizing things such as your Channel, your play list, titles, descriptions, meta data and the videos themselves. Having your videos SEO optimizes can generate you not only views within the YouTuble platform, but being showcased in the Google SERP as well.

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How YouTube Search Works

Youtube is the second most popular Search Engine on the web, just after Google. There is a tight relationship between this two companies, so every time you upload a video in YouTube is inmidiate indexed by Google. But to get exposure and attack people to you content there is so much more to do, and a video can't go viral if Google doesn't understand what is it about. Search Engine bots are not able to watch videos, so still today they rely highly on the metadata attached to the video.

Our Youtube SEO Service Explained

What can we do for your YouTube channel and your business?

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Higher Search Rank

Targeted video keyword research and metadata improvement to get found faster for users who are looking for content like yours.

Faster Youtube Channel Growth

Faster Channel Growth

Getting more visibility in the YouTube & Google SERP will increase your number of views and will help your channel to grow even faster.

Grow your Video channel

Video Promotion

We give an extra boost to your videos out of the platform to bring more traffic and views to it.

Some of Our Clients

InterAd has provided successful SEO services to clients from more than 21 countries

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Why partner with us

Video SEO know how


We have almost 20 years of experience optimizing content for different search engines. We can deal with your website and we can definitely help you on your video SEO efforts.

Account management

Account Management

If you don't have much time to invest in your channel, we do it for you. We can help you manage your account and your audience for better engagement to your content.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

You are the owner of your data, so we create exhaustive reports to show you every change is happening in your channel.

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