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Ready to expand your business to the Korean market? InterAd provides Online Marketing Services in the main Korean Platforms, such as Naver and Kakao, to rapidly launch and grow!

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SEO in Korea

Korean SEO

Naver is the most popular Search Engine in South Korea, preferred by a 62% of Korean internet users, followed by Google with a 31%. If you want to increase your organic traffic in the country of the Morning Calm, catching up with Google and Naver SEO is a must.

Naver Ads

Naver Ads

It is not a secret that Naver Algorithm prioritizes Paid Search over organic results. Build localized Korean PPC campaigns to increase your sales opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with potential clients on Korean social media platforms is essential to engage your audience. Strengthen your presence in Naver Blog, Kakao Channel, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. with culturally relevant content strategies.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Looking for a perfect match for your brand? We help you find Naver, Brunch, Tistory, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtuber influencers in your sector to reach your target audience.

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InterAd is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Seoul, Korea. Our Internet Marketing experts have helped global businesses that are ready to expand to the Country of Morning Calm providing them with Naver Advertising Services, Google & Naver SEO, Social Media, Online PR and much more.

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Saramin Case Study


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Our team of Digital Marketing Experts has helped hundreds of global brands enhance their online presence by creating strategies guaranteed to increase your success. We cover every aspect of the marketing process. From in-depth market analysis to current website and marketing performance, and the implementation of bespoke strategies. Using data-driven techniques such as keyword marketing alongside blogs, PPC ads, and viral campaigns—we will successfully build the awareness, traffic, and sales required to grow.

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InterAd specializes in Search Marketing Optimization for Asian Search Engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Naver, Baidu, and Yandex.

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