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Get higher exposure in the Chinese Search Engine Baidu with the help of our experts and localize your business for native chinese users.

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Internet usage in China

China's internet users have increased dramatically in the last years, until reaching the 65% of the chinese population. With 914 million of people using internet, getting exposure in the main search engines should be an essential part of your marketing efforts in the country.

Chinese Search Engines with Mobile

SEO in Baidu

Doing SEO for a Chinese audience is quite different than SEO for western countries. First of all, Baidu is the preferred Search Engine in China, taking a good 67% of the market share. Sogou is also used by some Chinese people, leaving Google in the third place. Baidu was created using Google as a base, but it has evolved in a unique way. The keyword algorithm is very local and only support mandarin Chinese, so the content should be very specific in order to have the chance to rank.

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Localize your business in China

Getting started your SEO project in China requires, firstly, a good localization strategy. Marketing localization is a key component for making a business successful in China, because a simple translation will not resonate with Chinese consumers. China is also a complex market, and buyers are very brand-councious, something that reflects in the Chinese Search Behaviour. In InterAd, we are ready to meet the challenge and to grow your website's online exposure to success in the Chinese market.

Our Chinese SEO Services

Full Baidu SEO Strategy

We have almost 20 years of expertise in localizing business in Asia and we can help you to create a full SEO strategy to penetrate the Chinese market.

Business Registration

In order to make business in China, you need to have a license. We can help you with all the paperwork, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Baidu Webmaster Tool Account Set-up

We help you setting up your Webmaster Tool account so you can measure your SEO performance more efficiently.

Website Analysis and Audit

We make a full Audit of your site and make some implementations to your website for better performance in the Baidu's SERP.

China Search Engine Marketshare 2020

These are the most popular Search Engines in China

What Our Clients Say

Looks very professional. Thank you for your insight into keyword idea and density. We do this with Google as well. Our next steps involve translating the website content. Once the website is live, we may contact you to do an on-page optimisation review. - James Willamson