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Internet usage in China

Internet usage in China is on the rise. Currently, 65% of the population use the internet regularly—which is approximately 914 million users. Increasing your exposure on China’s Preferred Search Engine Baidu is essential for establishing and growing your brand in your new region. InterAd ensures your rapid success!

Chinese Search Engines with Mobile

SEO in Baidu

Search engine optimization for your Chinese demographic varies greatly from western SEO practices. Strategies must be catered primarily to Baidu, which maintains almost 70% of the market share. The algorithms are localized and only support the Mandarin language, so your content must be hyper-targeted. Digital strategies are also required for Sogo who comes in second. Google comes in third and will be a lower priority for your Chinese SEO.

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Localize your business in China

Simple translation won’t connect or engage with Chinese consumers, so your digital marketing strategies must be localized. The Chinese market is unique and complex, and buyers are loyal and brand conscious. InterAd has a team of native marketing experts to ensure your strategies incorporate modern tactics and align with Regional Search Behavior.

Our Chinese SEO Services 2022

Full Baidu SEO Strategy

Full Baidu SEO Strategy

With over 20 years localizing business throughout Asia InterAd will create a full SEO strategy to help you penetrate the Chinese market.

China SEO Business Registration

Business Registration

A business license is required to sell your products in China. We can help you with the paperwork, so you can hit the ground running.

Baidu Webmaster Tools Setup

Baidu Webmaster Tool Account Set-up

We set up your Webmaster Tool account so you can view your in-depth analytics and measure your SEO performance more efficiently.

Chinese SEO Analysis and Audit

Website Analysis and Audit

We perform a full Website Audit, then strategically optimize your website for better performance in Baidu's SERPs. Some key elements we focus on are: Page Speed, Internal Crawl and Linking improvement and Code optimization.

Tailored SEO Strategies for Baidu in 2020

We tailor our services to suit your business requirements. Our scope of services includes the following: Consultancy covering specific SEO elements for your website, on-site support, content creation, link building and reporting for periods longer than 3 months.

Chinese Search Engine Market in 2020



Baidu Search Engine dominates the search engine market in China with 71.13% of the share, followed by Sogou, Haosou, Google and Bing. In order to localize in China, optimizing your website according to Baidu guidelines is very important. This search engine has the biggest index of Chinese web pages in the world and is entirely Chinese-focused.


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