SEO Code of Ethics

SEO Corporate Code of Ethics

InterAd, Inc. enacts this code of ethics to help create a healthy digital environment with clients by fulfilling the ethical responsibilities and obligations that accompany the SEO business.

1. Protection and Confidentiality

Since this is an area where confidentiality and client protection are particularly required, high sense of responsibility is required for employees performing SEO. To maintain the security and confidentiality of the company, we communicate with the company, protect the confidentiality, and do not filter customer's intellectual content and materials without permission.

2. Methodology and interpretation

InterAd, Inc. provides strategy and consulting through web analytics and structure gained in the process of developing independent technology, mobile environment, and alternative methodology for website obstacles. The results of digital data collection (text, image, social media, and video) generated from technical support work are used only to improve customer marketing performance.

3. Scope of use

InterAd, Inc.. provides search engine recommended information based on domain and hosting information, brand assets, data status and visitor analytics required for the digital business of the company.

4. Responsibility after the end of the SEO contract

InterAd, Inc.. carefully manages the contract with clients and assumes responsibility for the results. Comply with the provisions of the contract task statement and correct or correct any negligence in the event of execution, and assume responsibility for compensation.

5. Protection of content and confidentiality

InterAd, Inc.. respects the asset value of the company's unique intellectual content and will not compromise its authority. InterAd will protect the confidentiality and anonymity of their clients with regards to privileged information and items implying testimonial support for the SEO practitioner.

6. Result Oriented

We will work to their best ability to increase or retain the rankings of client sites. We will utilize appropriate and allowed technology and methodologies to improve and retain the rankings for their clients in the face of shifting search engine technology, competition, and client web site needs.

7. Fair Treat

When we provide services for clients in related spaces or industries, we will do so fairly and without bias. We will be diligent in ensuring we are distributing our clients’ campaign efforts fairly.

8. We will not present unclear objectives

InterAd, Inc.. will not participate in customer induction through inappropriate implicit comments or ambiguous keyword selection. We will clearly present and follow the search terms and time required to achieve our goals.


Stanley JW Chang, CEO

[On behalf of all InterAd employees]