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SEO Company Code of Ethics

InterAd, Inc. enacts this code of ethics to ensure a safe and healthy digital partnership with clients, by fulfilling the ethical responsibilities and obligations required by SEO businesses.

1. Protection and Confidentiality

Clients entrust InterAd with confidential and sensitive business information to complete their marketing projects. To maintain security and confidentiality InterAd and our employees are fully transparent, ensure 100% confidentiality, and do not filter or share customers’ intellectual content or materials without permission.

2. Methodology and interpretation

InterAd, Inc. provides digital strategy and consulting services through advanced website analytics and the independent technology we have developed for the digital/mobile environment; and to resolve website obstacles. All data collected or curated (text, image, social media, and video) are used to improve marketing performance. 

3. Scope of use

InterAd, Inc. provides data-driven search engine recommendations based on domain and hosting information, brand assets, KPIs, and visitor analytics for each client’s website and digital platforms. 

4. SEO Contract Guarantee 

InterAd, Inc. assumes full responsibility for our agreed-upon results. We comply with the provisions of the contract task statement and resolve or correct any errors in execution. We guarantee our results or provide a full refund for services.  

5. Protection of content and confidentiality

InterAd, Inc. respects the asset value of the company’s unique intellectual content We maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of clients with regards to privileged information, data, media, and materials required to complete our SEO services. 

6. Result-Oriented

InterAd, Inc. implements modern and culturally-relevant digital strategies to increase or maintain website ranking. We utilize advanced and ethical technology to deliver results, taking into account evolving search engine trends, competition, and client website needs.

7. Fair Treat

We implement digital strategies for our clients fairly and without bias. We are diligent in ensuring we manage and optimize our campaigns in an ethical and results-driven manner.  

8. We will not present unclear objectives

InterAd, Inc. will not suggest ambiguous SEO or digital marketing strategies. We will clearly outline, develop, and follow a custom-tailored strategy and timeline for achieving our objectives. 

Stanley JW Chang, CEO

[On behalf of all InterAd Agency employees]