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What makes InterAd different?

We are a Seoul-based agency specializing in Korean Digital Marketing, SEO, and Asian SEM.
We have helped shape the Korean SEO industry, and our clients are a part of our legacy. We were founded in the early days and understand how far Korean SEO localization has come, and the hard work it has taken to reach this point. We are invested in and committed to generating growth for businesses in the region and want to help clients just like you.


Why should I hire an SEO/SEM advisor to help my Business?

There are various reasons why an SEO/SEM expert is important to selling a brand. Firstly, an SEO/SEM specialist will provide competitive data that optimizes your business's strategy and performance in your particular online environment
Secondly, the SEO/SEM expert encourages and provides expertise in content creation in competitive and complex market areas
Don't underestimate the value of hiring an SEO/SEM expert - especially one with 20 years of experience - in this vitally important area of marketing.

How can I understand and evaluate my Business online performance?

To fully understand your current market presence, we recommend InterAd SEO. We analyze your brand's performance over a two week period, using a number of metrics to really understand how customers interact with your business. Based on this, we then create a personalized digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs. The analysis includes potential predicted growth, benchmarking against competitors, and a prioritized list of recommendations with proposed timelines. This report alone will be a valuable tool in
building your digital marketing strategy going forward.


How does InterAd charge for its services?

We have a flexible pricing policy that matches the needs of our customers and can be based on a fixed-fee, conversion, or subscription model. Ultimately, our aim is to work seamlessly with your business and optimize your digital marketing efforts to maximize engagement with your brand, and for that reason, we will always tailor our fee structure to fit the client.