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From Keyword Research to Campaign Creation, we design Korean PPC strategies to reach your Online Advertising objectives in Naver, Kakao and Daum.

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NAVER PPC - Korean Shopping Ads

Korean Paid Search

Start an Advertising campaign in South Korea can be quite difficult for foreigners, due to the unique Korean online environment. Firstly, the Search Engine Market Share is largely dominated by Naver, followed by Google and Daum. Secondly, online shopping patterns in South Korea are quite different from western countries, which can be confusing when creating new strategies or analyzing data. However, with more than 42, million internet users, Naver Advertising offer a great opportunity to enter and experience a quick, exponential growth.

NAVER KAKAO eCommerce Ads

Digital Marketing in Korea: Where to Start?

To make the most of your marketing budget you should localize your strategy to the local environment. Naver is the major Search Engine in the country and KakaoTalk the preferred messaging App. Having a good knowledge of both platforms is key to create effective SEM campaigns.

Online Advertising Services in Korea

We have experience managing hundred of Search Ads and Display Campaigns. Our SEM Management Services include:

Naver Search Ads

Naver Ads

We can help your company to set up your Naver PPC campaign on the right way. From Insightful Keyword research to persuasive ads creation. Outperform your competitors!

Display Ads

Display Ads

Target the right audience in Naver’s performance-based advertising platform to increase your brand awareness or drive consideration to your products.

Kakao Ads

Kakao Ads

Kakao is the main messaging App in South Korea. Advertising on Kakao helps you reach platforms such as Kakaotalk, and Kakao Story through Bizboards, Display, Search or SMS Marketing.

Our Clients

Our experience with hundreds of Google Ads / Naver Ads Accounts has brought to us the most amazing clients.

PHILIPS Digital Marketing Consultancy
Emirates Air
Genetec Inc.
Microsoft Korea
Thermofisher Scientific
British Council Korea
Cebu Pacific Airline

InterAd Services in a Nutshell

Account set-up

Account Set-up

Opening a Naver Ads account for foreign companies might get a little bit tricky. We help you create and set-up your very own Naver Ads Account, so you can go through the process in a hassle-free way.

Campaign Management

Strategy and Campaign Management

We do our research and translate it into an effective PPC strategy. From Keyword selection to competitor analysis we will take all the steps to construct a campaign that maximize profitability.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

We provide regular updates on the campaign's performance and create monthly reports, so you know how your budget is being used.

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