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What is Naver Blog?

Naver Blog was launched in October 2003 and it is one of Naver’s main products. User-generated content is very important for Naver, and in this platform anyone can open their own blog (individuals or businesses). In 2021, Naver reported a total of 30 million of blog posts in the platform, and the numbers are growing. Korean users usually refer to Naver blog for informative and inspirational content and it can easily be found in a Naver section called Naver VIEW. Some of the most attractive topics are product reviews, travel research, IT news, recipes, restaurant recommendations and so on.

Naver View SERP - Jeju travel

Ranking in the VIEW Section

Opening a blog is a great strategy for business looking for improving their rankings on Naver, since this search engine heavily prioritize visibility for their own products. Posting regularly on Naver Blog is one of the main Naver SEO Strategies for a myriad of reasons. Two of the main ones are the following: Being present in the VIEW section is a great way to assure brand visibility; plus, link building on Naver Blog can also favor your website organic rankings.

Naver Blog Services

Owing a Naver Blog is a Powerful tool to get a better exposition on Naver VIEW. Here are our main services in the platform. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information on our packages!

Naver Blog Account Setup

Naver Blog Setup

From Naver Account Creation to blog setup, keyword research, content strategy, and Naver blog Design.

Naver Blog Content Post and Management

Posting & Management

In InterAd we offer various types of Blog posting packages. We can update your blog post 2 times per month, or one per week, depending on your needs.

Naver blog with Influencers

Naver Blog Influencers

Naver influencers are a great option to promote your products. We offer Naver influencer Services both for sales and link-building purposes.

Our Clients

These are some of the clients that have trusted us during the years.

British Council Korea
AIA Direct
Genetec Inc.
Cebu Pacific
Microsoft Korea

InterAd SEO Package

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

We will design a Content Strategy tailored to your business needs including Keyword Research, Topic Definition, Posting Calendar, Reporting and Troubleshooting.

Influencer Research

Influencer Research

Different Sectors need different types of influencers. We do our research to make sure we are offering you the Naver Bloggers that are more aligned with your business.

Professional Article Localization

Article Localization

We can translate and localize your English content into Korean and post it regularly on your Blog. An updated audience is an engaged one! Contact us for more information.

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