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InterAd, Inc. was founded by CEO Stanley Chang in 2001 to provide Korean SEO and digital marketing services for western companies who are ready to go global. Since our inception, our motto has been “Your goals are our goals”.  By leveraging the internet, we empower you to market and sell your products to a global audience.

Expanding Your Reach

No one knows your products better than you, and our role is to expand your reach in Korea, Japan, China, and the entire APAC marketplace. Our team ensures your brand identity remains intact with targeted strategies that drive sales and growth in your new Asian regions. Start with one new region and expand at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Digital Transformation

With 20 years in the industry, we understand how essential it is to grow your digital presence. We rapidly establish and maintain a competitive presence in your new global market. Our strategies are measurable and high-ROI, empowering both brick and mortar and online-only businesses to thrive. 

Asian Market Experts

InterAd does more than translate your regional marketing. Our native-speaking marketing experts ensure that your content and strategy culturally connect and engage with your new demographic. Marketing tactics vary greatly from one country and region to the next, and we implement the most effective strategies for each Asian market you serve. 

Your Trusted Partner

More than a digital marketing agency, InterAd considers you a partner whose projects we execute as if they were our own. We are fully transparent and work seamlessly with you and your team to ensure your vision is maintained and any concerns are rapidly resolved. Any time you need us, all you must do is reach out. 

Evolving Strategies

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and we ensure that your strategies are current, effective, and measurable. From regional keywords to technical SEO, quality content, PPC ads, social media marketing, online PR, and every element required to build your digital presence in your new markets. Our methods are data-driven, systematic, and constantly evolving to ensure results. 

InterAd establishes your competitive edge in your new Asian markets. We’ve partnered with countless clients from around the world and have a track record of integrity, excellence, and success. Whether you have just launched or are ready to take your current marketing to the next level—we are eager to help you grow. 

Here’s to 20 more years serving you! 

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Stanley Chang (CEO)

Selected Accomplishments [SEO Certified (Since 1999)]
  • Yahoo! Search Technology, In-house SEO
  • Royal Philips Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist
  • Microsoft Korea SEO Consulting
  • Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Digital Marketing Speaker
  • British Council Korea Local SEO Consultant
  • KOTRA Academy B2B SEO Instructor
  • SEMPO Members