Banobagi Case Study

Beauty Creator Banobagi: Patients' Beloved Plastic Surgery Clinic, the recommendable Plastic Surgery Clinic

Banobagi Case Study Case Summery


InterAd has worked over 1 year with BANOBAGI medical group both in SEO for the Japan market and PPC. Their website was suffering from low visitors, low inquiries. They wanted to increase their organic traffics and improve its brand volume.


InterAd worked for hand by hand with BANOBAGI for over one year to improve their visibility in the Google Yahoo! SERP. The services we provided during that time included a full SEO-PR, SEO consulting, Technical SEO support to improve the surgical platform and an extensive Google Ads campaign.


After improving the technical issues in BANOBAGI and performing a 360º branding, their Organic Traffics increased up to 1,400%. Moreover, combining this growing traffic flow with a carefully planned Paid Search Campaign in Google Ads, Korean plastic surgery group increased their patients by 430%.

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About The Client

BANOBAGI is a plastic surgery clinic in the heart of Gangnam that brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘Detailist’. Their philosophy is paying attention to every little detail for each one of their patients with the utmost care. The hospital has a reputation for outstanding surgery techniques, but never recommends unnecessary procedures for financial benefits, and stands firm by its principles of honesty and integrity in medical practices.


Gangnam, Seoul


Plastic Surgery, Beauty

Services Rendered

SEO, Technical support, Google Ads.