Selvas AI Case Study

Selvas AI Case Study

Selvas AI Inc. Case Summery


InterAd has worked many years with Selvas AI both in B2B SEO for the South Korean market and Global Market.


InterAd worked for hand by hand with SelvasAI for over 2 year to improve their visibility in the Google NAVER SERP. The services we provided during that time included a full SEO Audit, SEO consulting, Technical SEO support to improve the AI-Based platform (Speech recognition, Speech to Text) and an extensive Google Ads campaign.


After removing all their low-quality pages and replacing them for SEO-friendly content, data-driven SEO, Selvas AI now has a higher share of search results for their own brand name vs. their competitors, as well as a 420% increase in organic traffics.

Selvas AI Case Study

About The Client

Machine learning and AI-based software solution, Medical Prediction, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Handwriting Recognition, Optical Recognition, Pen and Drawing solution.


Seoul. Korea


Artificial Intelligence

Services Rendered

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis,