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    Pay per cliek(PPC) Search Ads

    We use strategies for online product sales and advertising by using the search engine advertising method, utilizing the advertisement platform provided by the search engine.
    Search engine users approach the keywords with very clear intentions, and therefore, this strategy produces very effective advertising outcome(high conversion rate). Keyword advertising is a highly efficient form of advertising since PPC (Pay Per Click) method is used.

    Search Engine Keyword Advertising (PPC)
    English: Google
    Japanese : Yahoo, Google
    Korean : Naver, Daum, Google
    Operates highly effective target advertisement utilizing the keywords that reflect users’ buying intentions.

    SEA Process

      SEA Process
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword analysis
    • Target audience analysis
    • Account settings
    • Compose advertisement T&D
      Environment Analysis
    • Establish campaign strategy
    • Set advertisement budget
    • Set target keywords
    • Set conversion goals
      Campaign Creation
    • Enhance CTR
    • Reduce advertisement budget
    • Enhance conversion rate
    • Increase traffic
    • Weekly performance analysis report
      Campaign Operation
    • Analyze visitor requests
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Enhance advertisement quality
    • Advertisement Optimization
    Search Engine Network Advertising (PPC)
    Naver Click Choice
    Y!SM (Overture)
    Google Adwords
    Search engine advertising partnership network differs from country to country.
    The efficiency of the advertising depends highly on the search engine market share in each country.
    Advertising range can be maximized by including advertising network and mobile advertising.
    SEA Operating
    “For the quality assurance and enhancement, we recommend sustainable advertising operation."
    keyword ads
    [Pay per click bid price]
    Ad Quality
    Advertisement quality assessment
    [advertisement quality assessment factors]
    Advertisement visibility ranking
    [Advertisement quality rate]
    • Keyword advertising is done through an auction, which means highly competitive keywords requires higher advertising costs.
    • Many factors including CTR, T&D, website quality decides the advertising cost for placing an ad on Google
    • Bidding cost (advertising cost) highly influences the visibility of the advertisement.
    SEA Target
    Search Advertisement
    Initial Goal
    Actual Goal
    Increase conversion
    Ultimate Goal
    Increase brand awareness
    • Marketing
    • Research
    • Downloads & Printouts
    • Form-fill Rate
    • Commenting, Ratings & User generated content
    • Account Creation
    • Subscriptions
    • Purchase
    • Multiple conversion
    • Micro conversion Key pages
    • The conversion goal setting decides the direction and outcome of the campaign.
    • Optimization of the landing page might be required in order to enhance the action of the attracted traffic (CPA)
    • Environment research using the largest possible traffic is required in order to assess the conversion and effectiveness of improvement.
    Market Research
    Maximum Keywords
    Maximum Traffic
    Maximum Conversion
    Search engine advertising is an essential marketing strategy for a business that highly depends on online sales.

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