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    PPC Advertising in Korea & Asia

    From Keyword Research to Campaign Creation, we help you to reach your
    Online Advertising objectives in NAVER, Google and Daum.


    At InterAd, we have 20 years’ experience in providing Korean SEM services for international clients. Starting a NAVER SEM campaign can be quite difficult for foreigners, due to the unique korean online behaviour environment.

    However, with more than 42 million internet users, Koreans are active online shopper. This offers international companies a great opportunity to penetrate in the market through NAVER Advertising and experience a quick growth, when done in the right way.

    Japanese SEM

    Japanese online advertising also differs from most other major markets. Having proven expertise in Advertising on Yahoo! Japan is a must. You also will need a japanese native speaker with experience working with Yahoo! Japan to succeed.

    Online Advertising Services

    A metric defining your Advertising Quality. InterAds provides Paid Search and Display Advertising across different Search Engine Platforms:

      NAVER PPC(PowerLink)

    • NAVER Ads Account Set-up
    • Paid Search Audit
    • Keyword Research in Korean
    • Target Audience Analysis
    • Campaign Planning
    • Bid Management
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Analysis and Reporting
    • Landing Page Optimization

      SEM in Japan

    • Account Settings
    • Paid Search Audit
    • Keyword Research in Japanese
    • Campaign strategy
    • Ad Creation
    • Bid Management
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Performance Reports
    • Landing Page Consulting

      Google Ads

    • KPIs: Google Quality Scores
    • Keyword Research (Korean, Japanese, English)
    • Campaign Planning
    • Ad Creation
    • Bid Management
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Analysis and Reporting
    • Landing Page Consulting

    Why Partner with Us

    Our experts have specialized in Pay-Per-Click (Paid Ads: PPC) Advertising in Asia for almost 20 years::

    We understand the complex environment of Search Engine Advertising in asian markets and how to run successful campaigns in Naver, Yahoo!, Daum and Google.

    Our team of native marketers work to enhance keyword research, Ad copy and CTR. We understand the Korean and Japanese user patterns and will create Ads that match their needs.

    We work both with clients who want to run small campaigns and have modest budgets and with International Companies that needs support in planning Branded campaign across different markets.

    InterAd SEM Process
    “Definitions of Global competitive KPIs "
    Performance KPIs and target definitions
    Initial Meeting & Proposal.
    Performance KPIs and target definitions
    Ad Quality
    Account Set-up & Campaign Creation.
    Ads Optimization and Management
    Performance Tracking

    More Services

    We also offer some complementary services to help you drive more targeted traffic to your website and gain awareness:

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