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Introduction to Naver Cafe



What is Naver Cafe?

Naver Cafe is a Naver Property similar to sites like Reddit, where each cafe hosts user-generated content about a specific niche interest. This allows users to form communities based on common interests, and more quickly find information tailored to what they are interested in. For example, you can find cafes specifically for cat owners in the city of Gimpo, and sharing interesting things to do in Da Nang, Vietnam. As you can see, some of these can be very specific.


Users can find popular cafes catered to their interests by selecting a topic category from the scroll bar pictured below:

An example showing how users of Naver Cafe can select different categories to easily find cafes related to topics they are interested in


Categories include a wide range of subjects, such as travel, art, gaming, and education. Everyone can find a cafe that matches their interests.

Some Popular Cafes:

A chart showing examples of popular cafes from different categories to show the variety of subjects and how many people are members
As you can see, official corporate cafes can perform quite well on the site


Naver Cafe also has a popular posts section, which promotes popular posts on the site regardless of which cafe they belong to.


Having a post from your cafe be featured here could be a good way to attract new members, as it can put it in front of users who are not already members of your cafe or are actively searching for cafes in your niche.

How to Start a Naver Cafe

First, you’re going to need a Naver account. If you are looking to make a cafe for your business, you may want to open a business account instead of a personal account. Once you have a Naver account, when you open Naver Cafe you will be given the option to make a cafe.

A sreenshot meant to illustrate how to create a cafe


You are required to have your username changed to your legal name if you want to create a cafe or join certain cafes. Naver will require you to verify your identity when you do this. 


This process is a little more complicated for users living overseas. You will need to follow the prompted links to go to the relevant help page. There you can fill out your information and submit a picture of your passport or driver’s license. 


You may end up having to contact Naver’s customer service during this step, as Naver may determine that your ID does not belong to you (I am speaking from experience).


Once your identity has been verified by Naver, you can now create your own Naver cafe, and join cafes which require identity verification. 

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