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Results by Topic Introduction

Same as with Google, some of the keywords people search for on Naver have different search intentions for each user. For example, users that searched for “camping” could be interested in buying camping gear, find places to go camping close to them or read first-hand reviews from people who have gone camping.

To improve the user experience with these searches with various search intentions, Naver has integrated Search Results by Topic. This improvement will make it easier for people to find the content they are curious about.

Result by topic on naver update example

How to Be Exposed by Topic on Naver Search Results

A lot of websites, blogs, and other documents are gathered on the Naver search engine. Unfortunately, in practice, the number of frequently searched keywords is limited, so only a small fraction of the content is found by users. For that reason, Naver Integrated Search introduced an AI model that analyzes and categorizes in detail the subject and intent of a piece of content.

This is great news in terms of user experience because previously users had to go through iterative searches until finding the information they were looking for, but now the results for keywords such as “interior” can be sorted between “interior accessories” or “interior construction reviews” with the click of a button.

Even though this is nothing new and similar techniques have been applied in other search engines long ago (Google, Pinterest, etc.), it is a great improvement for the Naver Search Algorithm that for a long time has struggled in understanding different search intents for wide keywords.

Naver’s content creators (Bloggers and Influencers) that want to benefit from the new model should try to publish high-quality content regarding these topics, in order to increase their odds of being included on the block.

In summary

At the moment, the service focuses on keywords closely related to daily life activities, such as interior, home, fishing, recipes, hobbies, gardening, or camping, but the range of keywords will be expanding in the future.

Source: Naver Search & Tech Blog.

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