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    Korean-style portal search engine NAVER

    NAVER is a Korean-language “Portal” search engine which displays search results in several curated sections on one screen, such as advertised websites, shopping, news, images and video. Portal search engines have more in common with Yahoo and MSN than pure search engines such as Google which allow users more freedom to conduct their own queries and provide a comprehensive list of websites around the globe related to a specific topic. With a 68.62% market share, NAVER is the most widely used search engine in Korea, followed by Google with 19% and Daum with 9%. Despite Google’s best efforts to expand its presence in Korea, NAVER has dominated the country’s search engine market for over 16 years and has been used as a benchmark for similar services in other Asian countries, including China, Taiwan and Singapore.

    Despite concerns that NAVER is too reliant on advertisements and criticism of the search engine’s “closeness” (i.e. unlike Google and Yahoo, it cannot be used on other sites such as cafés and blogs), we cannot overlook its various merits. These include an extensive database and other resources, associated search words cloud, extraction of subject words to allow for emotional expressions, semantic user patterns analysis, and knowledge searching (i.e.Knowledge iN, NAVER’s version of Yahoo Answers). Furthermore, NAVER’s drive to innovate is worthy of notice as the company is devoted to improving search quality.

    NAVER search engine market share 2020 NAVER Search Engine Market Share

    InterAd NAVER Search Engine Optimization with Application of Share of Voice

    InterAd has unveiled a new type of search engine optimization (SEO) for use with NAVER which combines more traditional SEO methods with share of voice. By analyzing search results by keywords rather than volume or semantics of searches, InterAd’s SEO responds to user intentions increasing the visibility of brands and maximizing conversion. This type of analysis is especially useful in Korea as users are more likely to conduct short but broad keyword searches rather than longer questions as most English speakers will. This is at least partially because Korean is a more concise language than English. Furthermore, NAVER itself does not apply a semantic search, basing search results on exact matches of the search term, making keyword research even more crucial. Share of voice is used to measure brand awareness and the extent to which brands are visible to certain media. It can also be used for competition analysis, measuring a brand’s coverage in comparison to that of its competitors.

    NAVER user behavior type NAVER User Behavior NAVER Search User Behavior Type Analysis

    NAVER’s Approach to the Fundamentals of Search

    Due to NAVER’s high dependence on advertisements, there are definite limitations on the effectiveness of SEO on the search engine. However, many users stay on NAVER due to the power of the content that the search engine possesses, such as the ability to look up, access and share useful, curated content across a multitude of different areas. Global search marketers and SEO-related personnel at corporations in Korea are anticipating further positive changes in the quality of NAVER’s search engine as it has begun to offer a useful webmaster tool for SEO. While NAVER is not yet as highly advanced as Google, it dominates the Korean search engine market due to specialized and localized features, fast-paced updates to its service, and brand loyalty and recognition among Korean customers. NAVER is an important element in digital marketing strategies within Korea and requires the application of unique SEO strategies to reach users.

    NAVER SearchAdvisor: Webmaster Tool Optimization

    In an effort to make searches on NAVER easier and more convenient, the webmaster tool provides various functions such as indexing, title and description evaluation, manual document requests, sitemaps, and social media linkage with an easy-to-use interface even for new users. It allows users to check data on their website or page’s crawl and indexation (i.e. performance on NAVER) in real-time, and for some off-page optimizations to also be monitored, although this is currently limited to backlinks only. NAVER has hired global SEO technical managers and search experts in order to consider and integrate the specific needs of its users. InterAd provides guides to the usage and improvement of the webmaster tool.

    Web master tool for NAVER SEO NAVER SearchAdvisor Web master tool for Naver SEO

    NAVER-friendly Content Optimization

    NAVER is a content analyzing search engine based on big data. It processes and provides extensive search data which is required to process the natural language and computation of the contents of documents, such as similar documents, measuring the quantity of information in documents, and extracting representative keywords from documents. InterAd consults and recommends content-based SEO that reflects trends in keyword searches alongside the results collected and provided by the NAVER search engine to boost brand visibility on the search engine and drive digital growth in the Korean market.


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