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Mobile Game Marketing in APAC in 2024



The COVID-19 is having a vast impact on the mobile game industry and APAC gamers are on the rise.


During the pandemic, game app downloads have grown 30%, breaking records of 1.2 billion downloads worldwide. This growth has been especially noticeable in the APAC region, where the gaming culture is quite extended, and casually playing games during the commute or to relax is not unusual.


In Singapore, 25% of gamers report spending more time playing compared to before the pandemic. In the Philippines, the statics rise to 40%, while in Japan it is 32%. Mobile gaming has the lowest barrier to entry, so game app consumption will continue booming in the next years because of technology improvements and the transition to 5G.


Singapore, Philippines and Japan booming game app consumption


As gaming continues to grow, so do the interest of gaming companies and marketers on which marketing strategies work best to drive gaming app installs. How can companies effectively target gamers in the APAC region? How are the player preferences evolving and which kind of content resonates with them?


Mobile Game Marketing with YouTube

YouTube Marketing is a great channel to drive App installs in Asia-Pacific since the popularity of mobile games is reflected in the content people watch on YouTube. Last year more than 35 million channels uploaded a gaming video or streamed on the platform. So, how can marketers better engage with gamers on YouTube?


  • Collaborate with influencers to drive interest to the App. A basic one that brings results. With the help of YouTube Creators, the gaming app can captivate huge audiences for awareness and focus on practical content such as video tutorials or showing the unique features of the game.
  • Create buzz to deepen relationships with fans. YouTube Premieres function is a very interesting tool to connect with fans. The great thing about it is that the connection is in real-time and generates a community of concurrent viewers who are willing to know news about games.
  • Focus on Live events to keep gamers engaged. Like Premieres, YouTube Live is a good way to engage users with real-time interactions.


Targeting Female Gamers in Asia

Nowadays, the number of genres and storylines has increased, and the gaming industry is attracting more female gamers every year. Mobile has become the most popular platform among female gamers, due to its on-the-go appeal and low barrier to entry. Their engagement with game apps is also unique. 60% of them spend up to seven hours per week playing.


Percentage of female gamers in 2019 APAC Region

The fast-paced growth of female gamers is a key point in the evolution of the APAC gaming market, so marketers should find more effective ways to engage with them.


3 ways to better engage with female audiences:

  • Plan mobile-first. Considering the facts and market trends a mobile-first approach should be an essential part of your strategy.
  • Add storylines, character options and gameplay elements to your creatives to resonate with female gamers.
  • Search for female gamers communities and investigate their preferences and perspectives.


Ads that drive conversions

Before starting a new Google Ads campaign, marketers should analyze the motivations behind gamers. Why are they play and how are they engaging? The world of gaming is divided in two: “core” or “heavy” players and “casual” gamers. Understanding the differences between these 2 segments is key to effectively reach them.


reasons to play mobile games


To drive game app installs, gaming ads should differentiate which kind of gamer they are targeting, and which patterns in creative elements are the most effective.


Core gamers


Create an immersive experience by showing them gameplay dynamics:


  1. Showcase details like customization, characters, leveling up and maps.
  2. Highlight what the player can do or control
  3. Avoid leaving the game world and featuring real-world scenes.
  4. Use strong calls to action that reflect the desire to be challenged rather than simple CTAs like “install” or “download”.


Here is an example of an effective ad

(This was made for illustrating purposes and is not promoting any real app)


Casual Gamers


Keep it simple and show them how easy it is to play:


  1. Use the fingers and hands.
  2. Show gameplay in a real-world environment, to enhance the need for a break.
  3. Use CTAs that focus on relaxing.
  4. Avoid confusing elements that may make the game look too complicated.


Here is an example of an effective ad:


(This was made for illustrating purposes and is not promoting any real app)


The Asia-Pacific region has been for a while a leader in the video game industry, driving in 2019 a total revenue of 69 Billion dollars (the 48% of the world’s total gaming revenue). Since the impact of COVID-19 has affected heavily the industry for the better, marketers should focus on making the most of this opportunity and improve their marketing efforts in the region.


Data and graphic sources: ThinkWithGoogle

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